Charming Bottle Brush Trees - Timeless Holiday Decorations

Bottle Brush Trees have been around for generations.

You may be lucky enough to have a set of bottle brush trees that were handed down from your grandmother.  If not, you’re in luck.  You can purchase them in a variety of colors from bleached white, to traditional evergreen color…and even pastel colors.

I prefer the natural evergreen color.  They fit perfectly with most decor, whether it’s a wintery theme or using them as part of your holiday decorations.

These charming tiny trees and lights just go together naturally. Perfect for the holidays.  Via

bottle brush trees with lights

What a delightful collection of Christmas trees.   Via

bottle brush trees Christmas mantel

This lovely collection could be displayed all winter long.  Via

bottle brush trees under glass

Elegant under glass.  Via

Bottle brush trees and pine cones just go together.

bottle brush trees and pine cones

So for generations these timeless decorations have been used to adorn our homes. We love ’em all.  Do you have a collection of bottle brush trees?