Gardening and Garden Flags Go Together

For Randy Stewart, one of our long-time customers, gardening and garden flags go together in his backyard haven. His backyard is full of eye-catching surprises. From hostas to roses to hundreds of azaleas, lovely water features, garden benches and charming birdhouses …. Oh, and lots and lots of garden flags.  Randy was recently interviewed by Susan Alexander of Knoxville News Sentinel.  Be sure to read the entire story and view more photos online taken by Adam Lau.

Randy and Ann pose in their backyard paradise


I’ve enjoyed many conversations with Randy regarding his gardening projects.  His to-do list is filled with ideas and plans to improve and enhance his lovely outdoor space.  A few years ago Randy began collecting garden flags.  He enjoys displaying them in his outdoor areas to add artistic elements to his garden decor.

Randy sharing his garden flags from

He has organized his decorative garden flags by theme, by season and holiday. Theme flags may include butterflies, owls and scarecrows. Seasonal garden flags will include tulips for spring, fall leaves for autumn and snowmen for winter.  Holiday garden flags include Halloween garden flags with festive Jack-O-Lanterns, red and white hearts for Valentine’s Day and adorable bunnies and colorful eggs for Easter. You get the idea. Randy is an organized guy and passionate about his hobbies.


Owl decorative fall garden flag

A variety of outdoor garden decor complements Randy’s landscape.  He has a keen eye for color and texture which he uses throughout his backyard.  Decorative garden flags add additional eye-catching surprises throughout Randy’s backyard.  Randy even adds seasonal and holiday garden flags to his decorate his garden shed.  Isn’t this Halloween owl flag adorable displayed on the side of his shed?

Adorable Halloween owl garden flag


A retired engineer, Randy fell in love with gardening about 34 years ago. He attended workshops and took classes at the University of Tennessee, eventually earning a Certificate of Landscape Design.  These azaleas in Randy’s backyard were photographed by Adam Lau.  They are gorgeous!

Randy's azaleas

Two green houses are filled with a variety of plants, garden pots and the soil mix Randy created himself to germinate his seeds. Randy has transformed his hilly backyard into a paradise where he can wander and spend time with his wife Ann.   Randy, thanks for sharing your backyard with all of us.


Note: Photos and parts of this article were reprinted with the permission of Susan Alexander of  Knoxville News Sentinel.