It’s Turkey Time! Decorative Thanksgiving Flags

We are letting loose the turkeys to strut their feathers in your home and garden with these gorgeous decorative Thanksgiving flags. They are a wonderful way to add that extra special touch to your decor and to give a warm welcome to your family and friends this holiday.

It is beautiful abundance in your garden with this stunning Folk Turkey Thanksgiving garden flag. The bold yet warm colors of autumn shine brightly against the black background and invokes a feeling of time past.

Thanksgiving Garden Flag

The Floral Turkey Flag is an absolutely beautiful, eye catching piece of artwork by Sue Zipkin. The colors and amazing details make this a must have house flag for your collection and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Flags

Who wouldn’t enjoy this whimsical and adorable Trendy Tom Garden Flag? With its country feel, fun details and sweet tom turkey, guests and passersby are sure to spot him in your garden and return his grin.

Thanksgiving Flag

The realism in the details of this Harvest Greetings House Flag is just gorgeous. A lovely depiction of Thanksgiving with the added wonderful message of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving House Flag

It is a painting in your garden with the Turkey Pilgrim Thanksgiving Flag. The mix of the whimsy and the real is so clever and well done. We adore the pilgrim hat on the turkey, reminding us of the history of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Flags