Amazing Garden Art Sculptures

Outdoor spaces are a wonderful place to express oneself and display some fantastic garden art. Adding sculptures to your yard transforms the space creating a feel and style all your own. Your garden can instantly become whimsical, elegant, modern or rustic with the touches of a few added sculptures.

Within the world of garden art there are many different ways you can incorporate it into your landscape. There are DIY projects, repurposed pieces, water features, lighting and more. With so many wonderful and creative options we narrowed it down, this time around, to sculptures and ideas we fell in love with. A few are from well known artists, a couple are of the DIY variety, they are all amazing.

Artist David Goode is well known for his magical and mythical creatures of goblins, pixies, mermaids and more. His sculptures are made of bronze and are adored by many a gardner who loves the added touch of whimsy. You can view more of his wonderful art work here.

Garden Art Sculptures Garden Art Sculptures

This is a wonderful DIY sculpture involving an old watering can, chandelier crystals and a flag pole. Such a clever concept to have the crystals “pouring” out of the watering can. The crystals will act as lovely sunlight catchers, spreading color and light in your garden. See the full tutorial here.

garden art

Nationally known artist Stephanie Burgess hand paints and hand etches beautiful peace poles that are reproduced with state-of-the-art technology to create the handmade feel of each wooden garden pole. With inspiring messages, colors that pop and lovely designs they make  wonderful garden art.

Garden Art

This glass pebble fountain is a lovely and easy DIY garden art sculpture project. Have fun with using different sized and even colored pots. Arrange them in creative ways with glass pebbles overflowing and spilling out of them.

garden art

For a serene yet warm and colorful addition to your garden art, turn to sculptor Louise V. Durham. Her sculptures mix the natural element of wood with brightly colored glass. They are quite stunning and make a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. See more of her work here.

Garden art sculptures sculpt-8