Summer Activities To Beat The Heat

Summer is in full swing and we have gathered some great summer activities you can do with family and friends to help beat the heat of the sun. Staying hydrated and cool during hot days is important, especially if you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. 

In our opinion, these summer activities work for the whole family and a couple are even fantastic for large gatherings. They work great as presented or you can get creative and add your own fun twist to them. Either way, these summer activities will entertain and help keep your family and friends cool this summer.

1. Make Your Own Water Blob

This is a fun alternative to a swimming pool. Easy to DIY you can find the full tutorial here. The kids will love jumping around on it and adults can relax on one with a good book and an iced cold drink. Add an extra level of staying cool by placing a sprinkler near by that rains down it and creates little puddles of water to splash in.

summer activities DIY water Blob

2. Fill The Bucket Relay Race

This is fun for the whole family and could be made as part of a relay race. Each person lines up with an empty cup, the first person in the row fills their cup with water and dumps it over their head while the person behind them tries to catch as much water as they can in theirs. It continues to move down the line and the last person pours their water in a bucket. Whichever team fills the bucket first wins. A way to switch it up to ensure the last person gets wet too is after they empty their cup they run to the front of the line and start with the first cup. A fun, fast, and great way to stay cool.

summer activities fill the bucket relay

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3. Pool Noodle Sprinkler

A simple, inexpensive yet fun DIY sprinkler. Learn how to make your own pool noodle sprinkler here. These are a fabulous way to stay cool and you can get creative in placing them in different parts of your yard, such as hanging them from a tree, a swing set, or just placed on the ground.

summer activities pool noodle sprinkler

4. DIY Water Slide

Slip and slide has long been a favorite summer activity and if you have the space and slope to create a large one like this, the whole family is sure to be delighted. Learn how to make your own water slide here.

summer activities DIY water slide

We hope these summer activities have inspired you to get outdoors, have fun with your family, create new memories and stay safe and cool in the heat.