Christmas Mailbox Decorations

Christmas mailbox decorations are a great way to add instant holiday cheer to your home. We just love decorating our mailbox. One of the best parts is that you can change your mailbox decor with each season and holiday, always keeping the curb appeal of your home fresh and eye catching.

If you have a theme in your Christmas decorations this year, start by incorporating that theme into your mailbox decor. Don’t forget you can also decorate around the base of your mailbox as well as its pole. Have fun, get creative and spread the cheer in your neighborhood with wonderful Christmas mailbox decorations.

One the loveliest and easiest ways to decorate your mailbox this holiday season is by decorating with one of our Christmas mailbox covers. We have a wonderful selection featuring favorite Christmas characters, nativity scenes, wreaths and more. The artwork on the Mailwraps are created by a variety of nationally known artists.  And since they magnetic, you can change out your mailbox cover as often as you would like.

Happy Holidays Cardinal Mailbox Cover is absolutely adorable. The colors, patterns and sweet scene of the design is whimsical and warm.

Christmas Mailbox decor

The classical feel of the Ho Ho Ho Santa Mailbox cover is magical. The colors really pop against the black background, creating an eye-catching scene. Santa holding the peace dove is a lovely reminder of the giving spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Mailbox Cover

Here is a fabulous idea of repurposing an item into a wonderful decor element. Use old ice skates as an outdoor “stocking” filling them with winter greens and berries. In this picture from Your Modern Family they hung them from a lamp post, but you could easily hang them from your mailbox instead.

Christmas Mailbox Decor

This a lovely classical look from White Haven Interiors who used lush winter garlands, pinecones and bows.

Christmas mailbox decorations

Here they have created another fabulous mailbox using garlands again but with the wonderful addition Christmas ornaments.

Christmas mailbox decorations

Now this is a great idea for featuring one of the most endearing Christmas characters. Turn you mailbox into Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You could even simplify it by not adding the rope and just adding the elements of the nose, eyes and antlers. Watch the video here.

Christmas mailbox decorations

Here is a wonderful example of decorating around the base of your mailbox. Debbie-Debbiedos created a Christmas candy land for her theme. Another fun theme to use could be faux Christmas presents laid around your mailbox.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

This candy cane themed mailbox is another great example of decorating around your mailbox. We also love the idea of wrapping your mailbox pole in ribbon.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

Whether creating a show-stopper main focal point with your mailbox or adding lovely touches to enhance your home decor, you can have loads of fun decorating your mailbox this Christmas season.