Decorating Your Mailbox For Autumn

Decorating your mailbox is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. It is an eye-catching pleasure for all who pass by, and who ever delivers your mail will no doubt appreciate and enjoy it as well. There are so many ways to express and share the bounty of autumn through decorating your mailbox, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas with you.

Before you start decorating your mailbox, it is nice to have an idea or theme in mind.  Having a theme makes it easier to choose the materials you wish to use for your mailbox decor. You can even build it around certain color, if you so desire.

A fantastic option is to start with a Mailwraps mailbox cover. We have a wonderful variety of them, and they are smartly designed.  They are magnetic, so you can easily change them out seasonally or for different holidays. (We even have an adapter kit for those of you without a metal mailbox.)  The covers are beautiful and an easy way to decorate your mailbox.

Decorating your mailbox covers

Don’t forget the mailbox pole! They are fabulous for sprucing up. 

autumn mailbox decorations

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You can incorporate flowers and foliage from your garden, such as corn stalks and pumpkins. The corn stalks are quite impressive!

autumn mailbox decorations

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Scarecrows during autumn are wonderful and can be a lot of fun to use in your mailbox decor. It is as though he is there to say hello and greet your visitors.

Decorating Your Mailbox

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Adding a bold central focus, such as this sunflower with accents and ribbons is simple but beautiful, like they did at thescrapshoppeblog.

decorating your mailbox

Place a lush fall wreath made of flowers, acorns and ribbon on your mailbox. You could even use dried or fake corn on the cob or perhaps small pumpkins as accents.

autumn mailbox decor

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These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to decorate your mailbox this autumn. Go with your favorite autumn colors, favorite flowers either real or silk, grab some ribbon and have fun with it.