Decorating for the 4th of July

It is that time of year…everyone’s favorite time to display our flags and our red, white and blue. Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. You can feel the country come together. Everyone is beaming from sunshine, picnics, fireworks and neighborly love. The Fourth of July brings out the best of the United States of America. It gives us a chance to take a moment and reflect on how blessed we are to be citizens of this great country. Fourth of July is about coming together as families, neighbors and friends in our best season, to celebrate our freedoms.

Red, White and Blue

According to The PBS website – A Capitol Fourth: The colors of the flag are symbolic:

  • Red: symbolizes hardiness and valor
  • White: symbolizes purity and innocence
  • Blue: represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Since 1777 Old Glory has been personified in American Culture. A required element in any public site or event. Specific rules have been written describing what must be done to display and honor an American Flag. Here is a link to an article posted by the Old Farmers Almanac providing guidelines, rules and etiquette for flying the American U.S. Flag.

This Fourth of July, thanks to so many wonderful options from Flag on a Stick we can honor our country by choosing to fly our beloved Star Spangled Banner or one of the many other tasteful patriotic flags available. For those looking to celebrate with our National Flag, Flags on a Stick offers a high quality USA Standard American Applique Decorative House Flag, a beautiful and high quality flag.

Flags on a Stick also has many patriotic flags, yard signs and mailbox covers to choose from. This Fourth of July season I’m displaying the “Land that I Love” Garden flag by Second East. I also love their God Bless Decorative Summer Garden Flag. On my light post, I’m displaying a traditional USA Bunting Flag.  (This flag makes me feel like I’m eating apple pie while listening to a barber shop quartet. I love the nostalgia it represents.) Near my front door, I’m displaying this America the Beautiful Linen Decorative Garden Flag. 









Flags on a Stick offers so many ways to show our love of country this Fourth of July!  What is your favorite way to display the red, white and blue this time of year?