5 Summer Garden Flags To Delight

Spruce up your outdoor decor with dazzling summer garden flags that will surely brighten everyone’s day. Neighbors will appreciate the beauty they bring to your street and guests will enjoy their warm welcome.

Bright colors, fun themes, and gorgeous nature scenes adorn these wonderful summer garden flags. The talented artists that created these magical designs capture, each in their own unique way, summer perfectly.

Displaying a garden flag is easy to do and perfect for adding charm to your outdoor decor. They are a brilliant way in which to give your home a fresh look for the summer and year round.

1. Summer Sun Garden Flag by Artist Victoria Hutto

This decorative garden flag exudes the happiness and joy of summer. The sun is adorable, greeting friends and family with a big, warm grin. The colors are bright and cheery. We love the fun border design that pops out perfectly against the background of the blue sky and the dashed outline draws your eye to the sweet sun.

Summer Garden Flag

2. Geraniums By The Dozen by Artist Susan Winget

This lovely decorative flag captures serene and abundant summer days spent in the garden. Its sweet country cottage, rustic feel is charming and inviting. The colors all come together perfectly and each of the elements, the well worn wagon, the watering can, flowers and sweet birds, perfectly create a beautiful, poignant summer scene.

Summer Garden Flags

3. Plant Happiness Garden Flag by Stephanie Burgess

A whimsical delight of colors and shapes, this decorative garden flag is warm and inviting. It evokes our childhood love of summers, home, the sun and nature. The two hearts remind us to cultivate our love of family and nature. Bold and endearing, this outdoor decorative flag definitely brightens ones day.

Summer Garden Flags

4. Cardinal Perch Garden Flag by Susan Bourdet

An absolutely stunning summer garden flag with amazing artistic elements.  The intricate details of this nature scene featuring a red cardinal looks so realistic, one might think it is a photograph. It exudes a summer’s day in the woods or forest.  You can almost feel the trees giving shade from the hot sun and the flora and fauna come out to play to the musical tunes of our feathered friends.

summer garden flags

5. Summer Fun Garden Flag by Meret Hensick

It is all about beach balls, water noodles and inner tubes with this delightful summer garden flag. It beckons us to get outdoors and partake in some water sports. Whether at a pool, on the beach, at the river or your favorite local watering hole, cooling off in a body of water is what summer is all about. The bright colors and patterns make this a fun and festive design.

summer garden flags