The Cardinal: A Beautiful Reminder of Loved Ones

Many people believe that seeing a cardinal means a deceased loved one is nearby. They are known to visit when they are most needed; during times of celebration and times of great sorrow or turmoil. When my Grandfather passed away five years ago this summer, I learned about this theory for the first time.

Displaying Cardinals

Cardinal Garden FlagFor Christmas, we receive an ornament in memory of my grandfather or other loved ones who have passed on too soon. One year we received a cardinal to clip on our tree to help us remember our Grandfather was always near. The best and worst thing about the cardinal was that it chirped…. constantly. It was only supposed to chirp when it heard a lot of movement or noise. Well, in a house full of young children, this meant it was chirping more than it was quiet. Grandpa, who was quite a trickster, would have loved that the gift given in memory of him, was one of the most annoying gifts we could have ever been given. (Right up there with Billy the Bass, the singing fish). Consequently, that made it all the harder to give up or store away.

Every year, I take out my Christmas ornaments I can hear it chirping; before the box has been opened. This year it was quiet. Though I’m happy about the battery finally giving out, (We can finally enjoy this thoughtful ornament in peace!) I will miss the constant reminder that Grandfather is nearby looking over us along with his contagious sense of humor.

Cardinal Flags: More than decor

Luckily, Cardinals are not just for the Christmas season, rather something to enjoy throughout the year. Flags On A Stick has a wonderful assortment of cardinal garden flags for many seasons.

Cardinal Glory Garden FlagI especially enjoy the Autumn Leaves Cardinal House Flag and the Cardinal in Red Garden Flag . The Cardinal View Collection offers a beautiful Cardinal available in a doormat, garden flag, house flag and mailbox cover.

Beautiful cardinal flags help us carry on the memories of those we love in our homes, gardens and hearts all year long. This season, when my tree and my now quiet cardinal are stored away, I will display the Cardinal Glory Garden flag as a quaint, beautiful and personal reminder of my Grandfather. 

Who do you remember when you see a cardinal?