Decorative Sunflower Flags To Brighten Your Day

This summer brighten your outdoor decor with gorgeous decorative sunflower flags. Sunflowers are beautiful, turning their “face” to follow the sun throughout the day. They symbolize the sun itself and exude warmth and happiness. They also represent adoration, loyalty and longevity, all lovely qualities to invite into your home and garden.

Our decorative sunflower flags are designed by wonderful artists who capture their beauty in lovely settings and vignettes. Whether you prefer the country cottage charm, a rustic theme or a vintage flair, these Sunflower flags are sure to delight. A perfect way to spruce up your outdoor decor.  Your home and garden will shine with these decorative flags this summer and year round.

1. Sunflower Truck by Geoff Allen

What a wonderful decorative flag for your home this summer. A nostalgic and rustic design that brings us back to the good ol’ days. The illusion that it is painted onto a wooden fence gives it a whimsical feel and the colors are bright and warm.

Sunflower House Flags

2. Floral Cornucopia by Kathleen Par McKenna

This garden flag has a stunning bouquet of flowers to welcome friends and family. The details are lovely and the butterfly pops off the flag in a way that looks as though it is going to take off in flight at any moment.

Sunflower garden flags

2. Sunflower Welcome by Nancy Mink

We absolutely adore the vintage feel of this gorgeous house flag. The sunflower is a stunning focal point and the colors are rich and golden. The honey bees add that sweet touch and the green and black checkered border frames the flag perfectly.

Decorative Sunflower Flags

4. Flags & Sunflowers by Amy Rosenberg

This darling garden flag instantly transports us to a country cottage home where an apple pie is most certainly cooling off on the kitchen window sill. Amazing details, clean lines and bright colors really make this decorative garden flag stand out.

Decorative Sunflower flags

5. Sunflower Mix by Susan Winget

A sweet and elegant flag for your outdoor decor. The sunflower bouquet is lovely with its warm hues and the birds add a delicate charm to the design.

Decorative Sunflower flags

6. Red Barn Sunflowers by Jennifer Brinley

A beautiful, bold and bright garden flag. The contrast of the rich yellows against the barn red background allows for the sunflowers to really shine. The wonderful touches and accents throughout the design are perfect and the overall feel is one of warm summer days.

Decorative Sunflower flags