A Time for Remembering

Graduation is a time for new beginnings and reminiscing about the past. I’m sure everyone can think back with fondness of their high school or college graduation and the celebrations that surround these times. It is easy to compare how times have changed. Expectations after high school, technology, distances travelled and aspirations have all transformed over time. Not to forget how fashion trends and hairstyles have changed!  It is fun to think back to those exciting and changing times in our lives.

New Beginnings

For the new graduates in our lives this is a time for paving their future. This can be scary and exciting. This is a time of goodbyes and making new acquaintances; a time filled with hope and setting goals to achieve attainable dreams. These new adults will quickly learn their decisions direct their futures, while at the same time learning plans can and will change. Whether students are moving on to more studies, joining the workforce or taking the brave leap to join the armed forces; it is a time to celebrate this new era in their lives.

Graduation Celebrations

Graduation Personalized Photo Flag

With the help of Pinterest it is easy to see there are many unique ideas to make each graduation party stand out. From a lifetime of pictures displayed in the shape of the year, to serving the graduate’s favorite dessert; it is important to make sure your graduate feels celebrated! Flags on a stick has many wonderful flags that make personalizing your party easy. I love the idea of adding baby photos and senior photos to the Personalized Photo Graduation House Flag. Another great idea is using the Personalized Graduation Garden Flag to lead the way to the party. These flags along with many of our Personalized Sports flags can help make your party display unique.

If you have a few family members or friends graduating, look to these wonderful decor items that Flags on a Stick has to offer: The Graduation Felt Door Decor is on trend and can be personalized for anyone taking the walk across the stage this year, or next.

Graduation Felt Door Decor

Graduation Felt Door Decor

The colorful  Confetti Grad House Flag, will make you want to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment all season.

Confetti Grad Decorative House Flag

Confetti Grad Decorative House Flag


Flags on a Stick would like say Congratulations to all 2017 graduates! Best wishes for wonderful futures ahead!

What is your fondest memory about celebrating your graduation?