Memorial Day- Showing our Gratitude

Memorial Day: The Beginning of Summer

Summer in Minnesota is a 12 week long patriotic holiday, starting with Memorial Day; honoring those who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. The last full weekend in May is the start to a beautiful season full of sunshine, barbecues, and 10,000 Lakes. Most importantly, we honor those who have given everything so we can have the freedoms all people deserve. Memorial Day is a time for remembering.

Showing our Gratitude

In our house we show our respect and that we remember our soldiers by displaying patriotic decor and colors. Across the great USA we see flags and decor in honor of our country, the fallen, those who made it home and those who are still fighting for us. I love bunting, flags and red, white and blue flowers. Flags on a Stick makes it easy to be ready for these patriotic holidays. But your decor doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s on the block. A few of my favorite patriotic flags offered this year include:


  1. Patriotic stars and Stripes Burlap House Flag Seriously, this flag is adorable. Could Betsy Ross have possibly sewn this flag herself?  The charm is amazing.
  2. Land of the Free Burlap House Flag  This is the flag I have hanging on my lamppost, waving proudly for all to see. It declares something we should be the most proud of as Americans.Land of the Free house flag
  3. Veteran Proud Burlap Memorial Day Garden Flag A wonderful gift to honor anyone who has served this blessed country.veteran and proud garden flag
  4. USA Bunting Patriotic Burlap House Flag I was so excited about this flag, I HAD to figure out a way to display it on my house.  Simple and breathtaking. USA Patriotic Bunting Flag
  5. God Shed His Grace House Flag You can definitely feel nostalgia when seeing this beautiful flag.


Do like to decorate your house for Memorial Day? What is your favorite way to honor our country this time of year?