Santa Shines In These Christmas Flags

Santa Claus is coming to town with wonderful Christmas flags for your home and garden. He knows if you’ve been bad or good and with one of these fabulous flags you are sure to end up on his “nice” list.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the white bearded man of many names – good ole’ Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Santa Claus. Whichever way you prefer to call him, he embodies the warm, caring, giving spirit of Christmas, and of course, reminds us of the childlike spirit within us all. Give a warm welcome to family and friends this holiday season with a flag featuring Santa Claus.

Father Christmas House Flag is gorgeous, it looks like a painting with no details spared. From his rosy red checks and smiling eyes, to his sack of toys and dove of peace, it is a beautifully depicted “portrait” of Father Christmas.

santa Christmas flags

Looks like Santa Claus loves gardening as much as we do in this wonderful Ho Ho Ho Santa Garden Flag. The red, white and green colors pop beautifully against the black background.

santa christmas flags

Gifts From Santa Garden Flag is a sweet, playful caricature of him. It brings back memories of our favorite childhood versions of Santa and the patterns are fun and festive.

santa christmas flags

Another beautiful “portrait” of Santa Claus that appears to be a painting. Be Good House Flag is a wonderful depiction of Santa Claus gently reminding us he is making his naughty and nice list and checking it twice. Your family and friends will get a fun and warm reminder that Santa Claus is “watching” with this wonderful house flag.

santa christmas flags

We love the vintage feel of the Birdhouse Santa Garden Flag. The rustic, country feel is lovely and we adore how the birds flock about him with joy and trust.

santa Christmas flag

Santa Claus stops to feed the birds and other forest creatures in the Birdhouse Santa House Flag. It is such a lovely scene, with amazing details and reminds us all why we love the spirit of Santa Claus…he gives to and cares for all the creatures and people on earth, no matter small or large.

santa christmas flags