Deck Your Front Porch With Christmas Decor

Christmas decor on your front porch is a fabulous way to spruce up your home and add eye-catching curb appeal during the holidays. For us, the front porch is a room of the house in its own special way, and we love to decorate it year round.

Having a lovely front porch is so important.  It is a delightful way to welcome guests to your home. So spruce it up, and have fun creating a warm, wonderful and, of course, welcoming front porch for family and friends this holiday season.

Depending on the size of your front porch, there are many different elements you can add to it to give it the charm it so deserves. Even just adding a few accents makes a big difference whether you are working with a small space or a large one, such as including doormats, door banners, and wreathes.

Doormats are truly a must have for every household, especially during the winter months, when rain and snow are abound. Most guests do not want to bring outdoor debris, water or mud into your home.  Providing them with a doormat is an easy solution.

An added benefit to a doormat is that they can be a part of your front porch decor. We have a wonderful selection of  MatMates Christmas Doormats that are festive, colorful and wonderfully designed.

Santa’s Boots, wishing every one a Merry Christmas, is a wonderful way to greet the feet of guests. The colors pop beautifully and the festive scene is bound to put people in a cheerful mood.


We just adore the Bearing Gifts doormat. Warm, welcoming and featuring a favorite Christmas character, it just can’t help but put a smile on your face.


Christmas door banners are another great decor piece for your front porch. They are a wonderful alternative to wreathes. Hang on your front door or display them on the side of your house or over your porch railing. 

This Welcome Poinsettia door banner is beautiful and has a wonderful traditional feel.

front porch christmas decor

Or create a playful, whimsical feel with the Merry Christmas Santa door banner.

front porch christmas decor banner

If you prefer the tradition and classical look of a wreathe hanging on your front door ,we put together a wonderful collection of Christmas Wreathes You’ll Fall In Love With.

Now that you have a few easy and fun ideas of Christmas decor for your front porch, you can elaborate upon them and add your own personal touch. Here are a few Christmas front porches we found around the web to help inspire your own creation.

We love the little tree and ice skates. See even more ideas at Interior Design World.

front porch christmas decorations

The added garlands and ornaments are wonderful on this front porch.

front porch christmas decorations

This garland framed door is fun and whimsical. We love the elf legs in the urn too!

front porch christmas decorations

This front porch is fabulous. With so many great elements and reminders of what we love of the holiday season. See how they put it all together at the Cottage In The Oaks.

front porch christmas decorations