The Witch Is In- Fun Halloween Witch Decor

Halloween is just around the corner and the Witch Is In! There are so many fun Halloween witch decor ideas out there, we had to put together a list of some of our favorites. Along with black cats, pumpkins and ghosts, Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween with out a few witches hanging around.

Speaking of hanging around, our Hang On Witch and Flying Witch Flags are fun and whimsical.

Hang On Witch Flag       Flying Witch Garden Flag

For that special added surprise, hang your witch from a broom.

Hang On Witch Flag

Witch in ChimneyThe Wizard Of Oz made the striped witch’s tights iconic and a fun and easy way to decorate for Halloween. Just grab some striped tights, stuffing and witch shoes. You’ll have the makings for some fun witch legs. There are quite a few unique ideas to use witches’ legs as fun Halloween witch decor. Hang them from your fireplace like the folks at Fox Hollow Cottage were inspired to do or…

Go with the classic dropped your house on a witch via Off Beat Home

Wicked Witch Legs

Looks like this one had a rough landing…Via Indulgy

Witch legs In Pot

Any decent witch must have her broom. Providing them with “Broom Parking” when they come around for a visit is quite helpful, like they did over at Alice And Jay


Witch Hats are another great idea you can use in your Halloween Witch Decor. Use one as a lovely centerpiece via its so very cheri or hang them for a floating effect via Being Bracco

Witch hat centerpieceFloating witch hats

Don’t forget to warn your trick-or-treaters The Witch Is In

The Witch Is In Flag

Lastly, a friendly Halloween reminder to all the witches out there… Don’t Text and Fly!!

Don't Text and Fly

Via Purple Chocolat Home